Heritage Wedding Cakes


gray cake with pink flowers

When I was a small child, my mother saw a cake demonstration at the State Fair. Being an artistic person, this sparked a new hobby for her. I watched in awe as she made such beautiful cakes first for our family and soon for the whole neighborhood. It seemed like the baking never stopped!

When I got old enough to do more than licking the beater and stick my finger in the icing, she let me help. Being her only daughter, I loved the opportunity to spend time with her and learn about the craft she loved so much. I particularly liked the beauty and elegance of the wedding cakes she designed for each individual bride she met. No two cakes were ever the same.

I moved out of state I started doing cakes for my own family and friends. With six kids, there were a lot of occasions for cake at my house. When my husband went back to school, I started working for one of the finest bakeries in the valley and continued developing my skills. Their cake designer mentored me for many years cultivating a great eye for perfection. Her training along with the heritage my mother gave me, spurred me on to pursue my own business.

After more than 17,000 wedding cakes they are still my passion. Like my mother, I believe that every bride should have a cake that is customized to her style and taste. My mother taught me to go the extra mile, give a little extra, be fair, and use the same quality that I would want for myself and my own family. These are the values we work and live by at Heritage Wedding Cakes.

- Cindy Crump

In 2014
Brides Magazine listed Cindy Crump as one of the best cake designers in Salt Lake City, UT. We continue to feel proud of being listed among the best cake designers in the nation.